Clare Munn

Clare Munn

This is a story I love to tell….while skimming through Philadelphia Magazine, I came across an article on Maria Bello, Actress and Humanitarian. Wow, I thought, Maria is from Norristown; I’ll have to get her on my show! As I was researching all the wonderful things Maria was doing at the time, it lead me to a video of one of her closest friends…Clare Munn, Chairman at The Communication Group. I was struck immediately by the interview in which Clare spoke of people all having different learning styles. It turns out we had something in common; an interest in people and the way in which they communicate. Clare is from Zimbabwe and would be my very first guest outside of Philadelphia if I could reach her? I did, and she said yes! We remain connected to this day.

“My pre interview with Susan Rocco was not only comfortable, it was enjoyable. Her questions were based from a keen sense of curiosity and compassion. Hopefully my final interview will be of some interest to audiences out there. Being an activist for entrepreneurism and empowerment, I was delighted to be part of Susan’s show. My hope is one day it’ll be called “People To Watch” because we will no longer need to push the term “Women” due to the fact people like Susan have helped equality happen. I hope Susan gets the support from Sponsors and viewership that she deserves. It is people like her, and shows like hers that are helping us all share, learn and take action from. Thank you Susan.” —Clare Munn

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